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Lord of the Rings Action Figure 1/6 Samwise Gamgee 23 cm

Sideshow is proud to announce that Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee are the first figures to utilize a brand new body created specifically for smaller characters, like hobbits and children. 

Meer details

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This new body possesses all the articulation of the larger 12-inch body, allowing you new opportunities to expand the variety of your 12-inch (1:6 scale) collection, and broaden your ability to customize your own creations.

The 12-inch Samwise Gamgee figure includes:

Fully articulated small male body with 25+ points of articulation

Authentic likeness of Sean Astin as Sam

Detailed costume including:

Lothlorien cloak with elven broach

Accessories including:

Weathertop Sword and Scabbard
Cooking Pot
Large frying pan
Small frying pan
Water skin with strap
Sausage links

Interchangeable hands, including:

Hobbit gripping hand - Right
Hobbit open hand - Left
Hobbit gripping hand - Left
Hobbit fist hand - Left

12-Inch Figure Display Base with The Lord of the Rings logo